Insightful Legal Guidance With 40 Years’ Experience

I have handled thousands of estate law and family law issues for clients in Erie as well as western Pennsylvania.

Providing Peace Of Mind To The Families Of Erie

The office of Gregory L. Heidt, Attorney At Law, provides a variety of estate law and family law services to the people of Erie and western Pennsylvania. Since founding the firm in 1978, my work has been held in high regard by longtime customers as well as those who are new to the area. I have earned this reputation with effective solutions and personalized service.

Personalized Legal Help For Erie And All Of Western Pennsylvania

Estate Law And Planning

I handle everything from creating wills and trusts to providing estate administration guidance.

Probate And Estate Services

I help executors and representatives through their list of challenging duties.

Family Law Issues

I handle everything from divorce to custody to litigation.

What My Clients Say

I have many satisfied clients who recommend me.

Comprehensive Estate Law Services

Not only do I provide sound legal advice, but I also work with families to make the estate administration process smooth and stress-free. I understand that every case is different, and emotions may run high when families lose a parent or another loved one. I sit down, listen to my clients’ needs and skillfully guide them through the complexities of estate law in Pennsylvania.

This same sensitivity also informs my approach as clients come in to discuss drafting a will or creating a trust. I provide a variety of thoughtful options and then let clients make their own decisions. I believe this allows clients to pick something that will work best for them and their families. I can then update the arrangements as needs and laws change.

Gregory L. Heidt Esquire

– Sole Practitioner –

Your Family Law Advocate

I also dedicate a portion of my time to helping couples who are getting divorced, facing custody issues or dealing with other family matters. As with estate law services, I spend a great deal of time ensuring that my clients’ legal rights, individual needs and preferences are met to their complete satisfaction.

An Experienced Litigator To Protect Your Rights

Litigation often draws out the process and adds unnecessary costs to resolving estate law and family law issues. At times, court appearances may be necessary, but many times I can effectively mediate charged situations to keep families from being torn apart. However, I have gained important formative courtroom experience working as a public defender early in my career, so I am a lawyer undaunted by litigation, and I will steadfastly protect your rights from initial consultation to final resolution.

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