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Last updated on October 12, 2022

Since opening my doors for business in 1978, I have steadfastly guided individuals and families of Erie and western Pennsylvania through a variety of estate law processes.

Many people assume that estate planning is something done in retirement, but young families can benefit from actions such as establishing guardianship for their children by drafting a will. There are also legal issues involved in managing the probate process that can leave spouses or adult children angry and frustrated.

Whatever your estate law needs, I am an attorney who has experience handling them. Each case is unique, but one thing that does not change is that I am the kind of lawyer who works closely with each of my clients. I listen to the details during an initial consultation and then map out an effective strategy to protect the client’s legacy and provide peace of mind to his or her family.

Knowledgeable Guidance In A Variety Of Estate Law Matters

If you hire me, you can be confident in knowing your estate will receive personal attention from me throughout the process. I am equipped to help you with a range of estate-related services, including:

A Thoughtful And Reasoned Gift To Loved Ones

People tend to think that estate law is dedicated to the wealthy trying to protect their assets. However, a last will and testament can actually be a thoughtful and reasoned parting gift to surviving loved ones. Children may not agree on the best course of action, which can cause irreparable rifts. Planning can also mean effective transference of assets and lessen the tax burden on survivors.

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