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What Makes A Thoughtful Will?

Last updated on October 7, 2022

A thoughtful will fulfills several estate planning goals. Each will is as unique as the needs of the testator and his or her family, but the main goals are to ensure that there is no undue stress put upon family and loved ones and to ensure that the probate process goes smoothly. It can even help provide solace and closure to the family as your final wishes and arrangements are completed.

At Gregory L. Heidt, Attorney At Law, here in Erie, I have helped thousands of clients draft wills that address all the needs of the family. I have been recognized by clients and colleagues for my sensitive handling of estate matters as well as experience and attention to detail.

After sitting down with clients and listening to their concerns and goals, I create strategies that address all their needs.

Issues To Consider In Drafting A Thoughtful Will

A will is much more than a sheet of paper outlining how assets are transferred to beneficiaries. It can also address the following issues:

  • Choosing the right executor: Often a spouse or child, the executor manages the assets and liabilities of the decedent’s estate. This should be someone comfortable with financial matters, decision-making and paperwork. Your executor is not the same as your designated representative under your power of attorney.
  • Picking a guardian and trustee: Young parents (or parents of special-needs children) need to determine a guardian who will look after and raise young children if both parents die or are otherwise incapable of fulfilling their duties. A trustee looks after the financial interests of young children. It is best if these roles are not filled by the same person.
  • Naming a health care proxy: This is an individual who will make decisions regarding medical care if you are incapacitated.
  • Choosing a representative for estate administration and probate: A probate proceeding going through the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas often lasts several months. I can handle this work for the family or provide guidance if a family representative has been chosen.

Addressing All Your Estate Law Needs

A will can be drafted in conjunction with other arrangements such as a trust. It can be part of a complex estate plan or the entire plan, but the rule of thumb for a good one is that it addresses as many foreseeable issues as possible to avoid unnecessary and costly litigation. Survivors will be mourning their loss and may not be able to manage estate administration. Determining this ahead of time is always helpful to them and the entire family.

Let Me Help You Draft The Right Will

No matter your age or size of your estate, it is wise to consider drafting a will that addresses the needs of your family. Contact my office today to find out how a knowledgeable lawyer can help. Please use this site’s Contact page or call 814-580-9495.